About ReadRemember.com

Our (Short) Story

I’ve always been a highlighter. In college, I used to highlight most of every textbook I read, and “reviewing” for a test usually consisted of re-reading all my highlights the day before the test.

I used to read with a trusty yellow highlighter in hand, whenever I read any non-fiction (which was almost all the time). If I somehow managed to find myself without a highlighter handy, I’d underline, bracket, flag, and/or dog ear the daylights out of any book I’m reading. 

Nowadays, that highlighting usually happens on my Kindle Paperwhite, which is almost always nearby.

The problem was, when my college days were behind me, I rarely revisited those highlights again. Once in a while, I’d actually go back and re-read the highlights from a book that I’ve found particularly valuable, but I rarely re-read an entire book. 

I was leaving lots of valuable knowledge behind, typically forgetting those awe-inspiring thoughts and ideas within a day or two.

Over the years, I spent many hours looking for a way to get those highlights to come back to me, automatically. I stumbled across some tools that “sort of” did what I wanted, but they all required me to periodically take some action, like visiting my Kindle account page and downloading them. 

Then, I discovered Readwise. It was exactly what I had been looking for, literally for years. I don’t remember how I came across it now, two years later, but every day since,  I’ve looked forward to my daily email, returning all those inspiring, motivating quotes and thoughts, to remind me of all those fantastic “aha!” moments.

I’m so thrilled with Readwise that I wanted to share it with everyone. To do this, I decided to create ReadRemember.com. 

I hope you enjoy the site, the Readwise app, and the tips and techniques that I’ve discovered in using it, which I’m sharing here.